Group Sessions


Group sessions are great for friends who want to learn yoga in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Starting a new habit as a group can be very powerful and stimulating.

Sessions can be held in different locations such as local parks, venues or a home if there is suitable space for practice. These options can be discussed at the time of booking.


These group sessions are also a good option for businesses or corporations willing to develop their employee's wellbeing and productivity by enhancing focus and concentration through Yoga.

If you are a corporate group, please, click on the "Book Now" button below to get a quote for these services. Please include the number of people, location, date and time, and any other relevant details.

Rates per person for 1 hour session

Small Group (2 - 6 people) - $25

Medium Group (7 - 12) - $15

Large Group (13 - over) - $10


Rates per person for a Pass 5 Classes

Small Group (2 - 6 people) - $115

Large Groups ( 7 - over) - $65




Individual Sessions


Individual sessions are wonderful for starting your yoga journey and embracing your individual needs. Getting all the attention can make a great difference in your progress and development.

This tailored practice will also suit you if you have a specific health issue which doesn't allow you to go to a regular group class.


Together, we can build an adapted home yoga practice that will help you integrate yoga fully into your everyday life.

Hands-on adjustments and postural work will help deepen your understanding of poses, techniques and yoga practices.


Initial appointment - $90

1 hour session - $80

1.5 hour session - $100

5 classes Pass - $360

10 classes Pass - $710






These sessions are suitable for those who wish to deepen their yoga practice or simply for those wishing to discover the benefits of a regular meditation practice. Whether you are an individual or a group, the practice will be adapted accordingly and will leave you more connected to yourself, your heart and your life.

In this class, you will learn how to reduce tensions, stress and anxiety while developing a sense of ease, concentration and focus.

The meditation sessions will also give you a first approach to essential principles of meditation.

If you wish to integrate fully these practices into your life, we can build a structured and progressive home practice together.

Rates per person

30 minutes - $25

1 hour - $60

Pass 5 Classes of 30 minutes - $110

Pass 5 Classes of 1 hour - $280


Rates per person for group meditations

Small Group (2 - 6 people)

$15 for 30 minutes // $30 for 1 hour

Large Groups ( 7 - over)

$10 for 30 minutes // $25 for 1 hour

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