Camille's journey


My first taste of Yoga occurred when I was introduced to breathing techniques at the Art Of Living centre in Paris early 2013. It was a turning point for me as I realized the power of the connection between breath and body. The first two years in my Yoga journey were rich in discoveries, self-study, home practice, extensive reading and self-learning. I gradually deepened my Yoga practice when my life got shaken up: originally from France, I decided to quit my consulting job and move to Australia late 2014. During this time of change, Yoga has been my anchor, my friend, my companion and my constant.


My approach to Yoga:

As my life reshaped, I connected to my true desire in life: helping others find that sense of bliss and connection with life that has helped me throughout difficult times. In perfect health, ill, injured, happy, immobilized... I strongly believe there is always a way to dive deep within to discover that peace and blissful source of life. Through many means and techniqes we can learn to experience life the way it truly is. The same way many recipes can lead you to enjoy your favourite chocolate cake, many means and techniques are available for us to enjoy life.

Yoga Bliss's Purpose:

Magnify your life

Root down, build strong foundations before expanding strong and supple branches.

Focus and develop

Find strength and ease in body, mind and emotions to better connect with life.

Enhance love and bliss

Open heart for a joyful journey with life and blissful relationships.



  • Yoga Alliance Member. Yoga Alliance is the peak and professional body for Yoga internationally

Member Number: 235385

  • Balance Yoga Sydney – Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, 200h – 2017
  • InSync Yoga Canberra – 350h Yoga Instructor – Ongoing
  • Current insurances for Professional Liability and Public Indemnity
  • Current in CPR and First Aid training

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