- Sri Swami Sivananda

Welcome to Yoga Bliss Canberra!



Join me for Yoga or meditation and take the first step on your blissful journey. Yoga and meditation are powerful tools that help you live in harmony with your body, mind and life. Through Yoga, we are undertaking a process of discovery. A discovery about ourselves as a body, as a person and as part of a whole system. Start your journey today!

A Special Level of Care


Yoga is accessible to everybody. I strive to create an inviting and balanced Yoga practice adapted to each person's needs. You are the centre of each session and I am here to help guide you in your own yoga path. My aim is to bring a sense of peace with your mind, body and emotions.

Yoga Bliss Canberra has a broad approach to Yoga and is not conforming to any specific belief.

Your wellbeing is the only belief.



Suitable for groups of friends or a corporate group willing to start your yoga journey together with joy and fun.




Enjoy a tailored practice with full support. Learn how to develop an adapted home practice.




A moment of bliss and peace. Learn how to meditate and connect with your true self by being introduced to different techniques.


If we respect each person individually, it naturally means we will always start from where each person currently is. The starting point is never the teacher's needs but those of the student. This requires many different approaches; there is not just one approach for everybody. The way yoga is taught nowadays often gives the impression that there is one solution to everyone's problems and one treatment for every illness. But yoga affects the mind, primarily, and each person's mind is different. [...] I must create an atmosphere in my classes in which each student can find his or her own way to yoga.




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